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November 25, 2015


Kim K.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and turkey time!


There used to be a small daycare around the block and they would tether the kids together and walk them over to our house a few times a week to see my Christmas decorations. That was when the big outdoor snowglobes were popular. They would clap and OOOh and AAAh. It really made my day.

I didn't even put out any Halloween or Thanksgiving this year. But, the Christmas is already in and being loaded up! Yay! Happy Thanksgiving, Laurie.


I have one bin of Thanksgiving too. I added a few turkeys and some sweet indian kid shakers this year but Thanksgiving continues to be one of the harder vintage holiday collections to add to. Luckily though when I do find it, it's pretty cheap.

Gobble Gobble!! Have an awesome day with your family.



Happy thanksgiving! loving all your turkeys!


I adore that turkey collection!! Wishing you and your family a happy holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving Laurie!!! Gobble Gobble!


Happy Thanksgiving Laurie! I love all your turkeys. How sweet is it to be a bright spot in a child's little world. Only 2 fat Gurley turkey candles came out this year, so I am getting my fix admiring your flock.
Best of luck during your peak selling season. May all your shows be full of happy to spend shoppers, and all your sales transacted with a smile. Cheers.


I'm with the little girl-the holidays are just better with a window display. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was bittersweet as you can imagine. As always your blog makes me smile!

Curtains In My Tree


after seeing your turkey window I know what my next hunt will be for, turkeys

I cooked and today I'm mopping the kitchen


Oh, I love this! LOVE! THIS! The honeycomb turkeys in the window, especially. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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