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December 01, 2015



Looks amazing! I'm still hoping to visit Monticello during Crafty Wonderland weekend. It would be so sad to miss seeing this masterpiece in person!

Hopefully your little neighbor girl will get to see this window. If she freaks out over the Santa at your house, she will go CRAZY for all of this!



so much holiday fun in one spot. love it, great job you two. your window could beat out any holiday window in nyc!

Kim K.

I'm going to be sharing this post with my mom and sister to make sure they don't miss every amazing detail!!!! You and Amy are true Christmas holiday magicians!


There is a reason they asked you and Amy to do the window for Christmas (the most coveted time), It is because you two are awesome!!! The window looks so fun, a Macy's window dresser couldn't have done better!!!

Melissa's Antiques

This is definitely my favorite Christmas window display I've ever seen! :)

Mary Steinbrink

This is amazing!!! I love everything in it! I would love to have a store like that to shop in!! Great job ladies!!


I always wanted to be a window decorator like Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore show. You are living my dream.......living my dream.........


I love Melissa's comment. Yes, you are our Rhoda! Your window looks FABULOUS!!! My problem would be that I wouldn't want anyone to buy anything. So it stays exactly like this. Forever and ever. And that, my friends, is why I don't have a booth :)


OH MY WORD....those stockings....I LOVE IT ALL....I am a retro gal all the way...


I love it! But I surely would not like to be the next person to do that window a hard act to follow.


Oh my goodness! I wish I could visit your window in person. Amazing cuteness! Love, love, love it!

Into Vintage

Great photos, Ethel. Looking at this post, I feel a little like I'm looking at the window of a Woolworth's store, circa 1950. Fun day with you!


Such a festive window display.Just love it! thanks for sharing.


Oh my... You and Amy created a vintage Christmas Wonderland. If I were passing by I could not wait to get inside! There were so many things I would love to buy. I think Amy is right. It really does feel like a step back in time. Thank you for sharing the process. It was fun to follow your day as you worked your magic!

Patti McCarthy

Wonderful! I want one of everything! I think I spotted a little clear plastic gumball tree - is that right? How tall is it? I want! Wish I could get there but I'm all the way over and down on the East Coast! Too far! I especially love the border - amazing all around! Good job, ladies! You rock!


So truly perfect and I didn't realize until just this moment how very much I require a giant plastic santa face. Not even kidding!


So truly perfect and I didn't realize until just this moment how very much I require a giant plastic santa face. Not even kidding!


This is like the 3rd or 4th time I'm looking at this post! I looked at it on my phone and iPad and it looks awesome on my computer! It looks magical looking into the store!

Erica H

Holy Cr@p! I would stop in my tracks if I saw a store window like this. Absolutely amazing!

Violet Althouse

I really love all of this. I wish your pictures has like buttons on them.

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