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February 06, 2016



Yes you surely must have been to Estate Sale Land Heaven! I loved looking at all of your great finds--especially the metal table, the cute old umbrellas, the fourth of July graphics, well just all of it!!


Absolutely amazing! Your hauls are most always impressive, but this is beyond anything I've ever seen. How much fun it must have been!


such fun! love those umbrellas! and the bells!
and those Valentines!!
happy sunday

Erica H

Wow! What fabulous finds. We stumbled onto an estate sale yesterday, and were surprised they still had a fairly full house. I came home with a few treasures, but you win!


A couple of summers ago, we had a barbecue and Brian made a huge batch of Jungle Juice. The very next day, I found the jar at the flea market. Meant to be!! I am loving everything of course but my favorite would have to be that fish shower curtain. It's perfect for the #somedaybeachhoue



Oh Laurie, this one goes in the record books for sure and it is a rare thing when you actually get to shop until you drop! So many amazing finds that I can't even pick a favorite and so fun that you were "speed picking" and got to discover so many things again when you got it all home.

Linda @ A La Carte

So many things I love that you found, but yesterday on Instagram I noticed those green ribbed jars...heart beating faster! Love them. Great sale.


Wow... I am so jealous! What a great estate sale!



Stunning and awesome!


As I red this, both of the boys tried to talk to me and I told them NOT NOW. Must have full concentration to absorb all these wonderful things. I think that jug would make a great soap dispenser. You certainly wouldn't have to fill it up very often. :) I also think that the long umbrella box should go in the study by the weight lifting stuff. As if you need my ideas. !!! A fun day you had!


I am speechless! I would be in SO much trouble if I lived in your town!

Laurie Jackson

Oh, thank you for taking us along and showing us your haul! I think my favorite of everything is that selection of valentines and the uncut valentine book -- swooning!


Yowsers! That is one big haul there! I love that casket advertising!!! How fun!


Speechless! It is all so incredible. I can't even begin to pick a favorite because there are too many to choose from! All of your finds are amazing, I can't even imagine how fun this must have been. I would have been thrilled with a piece of green pottery and some barkcloth! So happy for you! This surely will go down in the record books.


You find the BEST treasures ALL THE TIME!! and you don't have to get up early, wait in line and "fight" other dealers!
deb :)

Kim K.

Seriously this one goes down in the RECORD books. I'm so happy for you. A good digger sale totally fills the soul.


Wow! That looks like the jewel of estate sales! I've only been to two or three like that in all the years I've been junking and haven't had ANY good ones in the past year or two.

Though I love vintage Christmas, I find that I'm drooling over the two daffodil tins...maybe because we're so hopeful for spring here in Michigan.

Great picking!

Sherry Cronin

We got there late but still found stuff. Wish it had been the first trip of the day. Good job! Loved the little sink in the hall. Wish I had taken a picture of it!

Melissa's Antiques

What absolute fun! I would've loved to have seen this sale!

Shelley Germann

So many treasures! Bring there with so few people at first...a dream! Just an incredible haul and I'm so happy you talked us through it! Not as good as being there, but still fun for us!

Shelley Germann

That's "being" there...not "bring." Ooops!


Jealous......you really did make a haul.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Wow...what a fabulous sale! I would have been in my happy place!


Wow! That estate sale was a doozy! A good doozy. Glad you found so many treasures.

xo Dianne


It would be fun if you'd post a pic of the original listing for this estate sale along with pictures all the goodies you found. I for one am curious as to what a listing that was concealing this magnitude might've looked like. I just hope I find a sale half this good someday! Just one!


Whoa! Woman! You hit the jackpot!! What an incredible haul!

Sheryl Remy

What a sale. The baby name book will be great with your storks. Those Valentines could have been found at a better time. Now you can use them right away.


So lucky I don't have to talk to anyone today since I'm SPEECHLESS! So like were you on Cloud 9 for awhile? This would have made my day for a very long time! So knowing you this one probably gave you a good fix for a few days? LOL!!!


I saw that listing on Craigslist too, and the 90 yrs of accumulation was calling me, but alas I had to work. Ooooh...the valentines and the green dishes and the umbrellas and that book of Christmas cards, but I would have been thrilled just to walk away with that sweet little bluebird. Thanks for letting me see what I missed.

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