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February 26, 2016


Shelley Germann

I am swooning over the Victory garden labels. Guess since they are stuck together you'll resort to scanning it/them? Things are still painfully slow around here. Glad someone is having fun!


Fun finds as always. I love the playing cards. I have boxes of things that I tuck away and just pull out and paw through sometimes. Those playing cards would be one of those boxes. I love the divided box too - I have a big stack of those too. So very handy at shows. As you know!


I wonder if steaming the labels using an iron a few inches away would loosen the stick-um? Love the graphics.


Those victory garden labels are so neat. Any luck getting them un-stuck??


I, too, bet you could unstick the labels either with steam or water. The gummed back has absorbed humidity from the air of the years and stuck to whatever was closest, in this case another label. It'll be similar to removing old fashioned wine bottle labels, just soak in water and slide off the bottle. (or off each other).


The crewel deer is darling! Lots of great finds!

Sheryl Remy

Did you recognize the tune the music box played?


When I was in grade school (late 70's - suburbs of Chicago) there was a craze of girls collecting trading cards. We'd trade our 'dupes' and most of us would specialize in collecting one specific thing - I collected cards with horses and one of my frinds collected cards with cats. Older cards were considered more 'valuable' for trading. I'm sure that your box of random cards is some little girl's collection.

Melissa's Antiques

From one vintage playing card collector to another -- I adore all of them that you got! I also love the cocktail stirrers with the whistles! :)

Erica H

Precious finds! You west coast gals get all the best sales!

Kim K.

Those angels on the tree skirt are just too precious. Glad vintage holiday is still plentiful for you. It's so much fun to see what you unearth, despite long lines!


Sales haven't really happened here yet and the ones that have are duds! Waiting for a good one because I need a fix. At least I can still rely on looking at your posts to keep me going! After all these years of following you, It still amazes me what you find :-)

Linda Barber

On weekend finds 3/14/16, the snowman probably had a spinning tree or something. I have a reindeer that has a spinning ballerina. Love seeing your finds, makes me jealous !!!

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