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February 09, 2016


Melissa's Antiques

So much fun! Love the plastic candy holders. They are hard to find at a good price!

Kim K.

I'm eating lunch at my desk and spending some time on your blog. You've added so many wonderful things to your Valentine stash this year. That heart in your front window really is big. I remember seeing it on IG and now I can really put it in perspective. Wow! Another fun holiday! Can't wait to see Easter too.

Hugs and kisses!!

Sheryl Remy

Those cherub baby rattles are certainly smile worthy. I have a hard time finding vintage items to add to my displays but when I see how successful you have been, I know I need to try hard. As always, such a lovely job you have done decorating.


Geez...Love it all! I have one measly Valentine card box. It looks like I might have to step up and start paying money for some things now. I try to find things in the wild but it's getting harder and I'm too cheap to pay lots for something LOL! I'm not sure how you keep changing things up every year on your decorating. Some things are just easier for me to keep the same but ever since I started following your blog and on your IG, I've started changing thing around to keep it fresh looking. Still love looking at your blog :-)

shirley hatfield

I would love to find some old Valentines boxes! It's so much fun seeing what you've collected. I need to get out on the hunt!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Such amazing collections! I love all of the honeycomb and the wonderful heart-shaped candy boxes! I have a little collection of chocolate covered cherry boxes...I love the wonderful graphics!




The amount of Valentine goodness you have collected is amazing. Well done!

Erica H

How sweet! You must be the house that everyone wants to see for every holiday. Your decorations are so fun!


Your home is filled to the brim with Valentine goodies. It sure seems like it has been a good year in Estate Sale Land for adding to your various collections. I am fascinated by the cherub baby rattles! They are so cute and you have so many. I just love seeing how you display everything. You are the master! Thank you for sharing. The window to your world is enchanting!

Lisa W.

I'm in LOVE with your Valentine's day collection ! Thanks for sharing !!

Ree Cee

Please please please - will you post on how you store all your treasures/collections and how you keep it all organized?! Plus you have inventory you sell at your shows.

I'll find Christmas stuff at Easter or Halloween stuff just before Valentine's Day.

I'm tempted to rent a huge warehouse and consolidate all my storage units and the junk/treasures in my house there and have one big organizing project. But I'm SCARED it will take me five years or the rest of my life, whichever comes first.


It all looks fantastic! Valentines decor always puts the biggest smile on my face, all that red, the hearts, cute graphics. You do it so well!


Laurie.. you leave me speechless. Love it all.. every little and big bit of it. soooo very very awesome.
and those cherub rattles??? omg.
your collections are amazing. you should make a book.. seriously.
have a great week

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