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March 24, 2016


Melissa's Antiques

I swear you could charge admission to your house each holiday! Lovely as always!


just one word
with all you have for all the seasons there is a killer book that needs to be made.

Kim K.

You really could charge admission to your holiday house! It's all so magical. That front window display is out-of-this-world this year! I'll be coming back to this blog post and you can bet when I'm with my mom and sister on Easter, we'll be pouring over your blog together. Easter hugs!!

twinkle beverages

Wow! I do not know how you do it?!? You are the scene maker extraordinaire! It makes me tired knowing what went into this fabulous display. I would pay to see this in person. Amazing as always. Happy Easter Laurie!


To quote your cousin the other day, "You have a lot of Easter." DOn';t you love comments like that? Like WHAT I had no idea I had a lot! (And I want more!) You do have some treasures there. I love Easter a lot, but I have not had the luck finding the things you have found. I have a good amount, but I've never found a nodder or a plastic bunny like the ones you have in your kitchen. But, I am always looking ! Happy Easter!

Sheryl Remy

I have never seen so many Easter things before. Your displays are quite wonderful. I definitely need more Easter decorations.


Geez I love going through your blog posts! You have me grouping like things together now too! They do look a lot better that way. They're also easier to put things away too since they're already grouped together!
Love that little baby bunny rattle? So cute and the guy on your last pic or post....Darling :-)Your displays are just Epic now!


Oh, I do love your collection of chicks -- all of them. Cute, cute, cute.


Your Easter collection is a close second only to your Christmas in terms of my favorite. The sheer numbers are jaw dropping and the variety is simply astounding. I love each area you have designed. I like how you group all the bunnies and all the chicks together. The visual impact is amazing that way. I could stare at this post for hours. Each little character is so sweet and unique. I love it all, especially your nodders and that massive stash of chicks!!!!

Erica H

Adorable! I have to say, I've never seen 1 of many of these items, let alone an entire collection of them - and I shop a lot! What a treat to see your decorations for each holiday.


Your Easter decor leaves me speechless! Happy belated Easter to you. I got hit by the flu freight train so Easter came and went over here but I am on the mend now.

Lisa W.

It's the all time best Easter collection ... Ever ! It has been such fun to see ! As always .... thanks for sharing the joy !

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