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March 17, 2016



I'm speechless! Thanks so much for doing a field trip on Ash's house! What a Fun House!I'm just smitten with everything!I think I need to do some re-arranging and find some more cabinets and shelves now LOL. Love every room in her house!

Melissa's Antiques

Oh My Goodness Gracious! That is an amazing collection!! :)


My cheeks ache from smiling so hard looking at your photos of Ash's home. She has such a happy and cheerful home.


wonderful! i have been following her on instagram and i love all of her toys! thank you for taking SO MANY photos! I am going to have to come back and look again, what a treasure trove!

Sheryl Remy

Wonderful field trip. So much to see. Good thing you have pictures. I know I couldn't take so much in at one time.


So much fun to see this collection. Thank you for sharing Lori and Ash!


What an amazing collection! So much fun under one roof. What a fab field trip. I enjoyed every nook and cranny. Thanks for sharing Ash and her delightful home!


This is an amazing collection, especially the squeaks and the no-name dolls. I have never seen those before. Thank you for sharing!!


Wow - I follow her on IG and I knew she had toys. But not ALL the toys! Her collection is amazing. Does she live alone or does she have an understanding person in her life that likes vintage too?

Lisa W.

Wow ! Your friend Ash has a beautiful home and a real flair for display ! It's very hard to display that many things in an attractive way... you and Ash both have a gift for that ! It's a wonderful collection .... thanks to you both for sharing.


absolutely amazing! that is a quite a collection.. more like a living museum. I love how colorful and sweet it all is. She doesnt look old enough to have collected that much stuff! lol!
thanks for sharing. I think I might have recently started following her on instagram because I have seen that first photo you posted before.
have a great day and thanks for the fun post. my husband asked me what I was doing and I told him I was on a field trip! lol
Happy Day!


What an incredible home! How could you ever be unhappy there. (creeped out, maybe, but not sad!) I'm kidding. It's amazing!!

What a privilege to be able to explore. Thank you for sharing with us!


I love her IG account so much! So happy to see a birds eye view of all the amazingness. Maybe next time you visit, you can take Norah :-) Can you imagine a child's reaction to all this?

Jennifer Bontrager

What a happy house! Thanks for sharing.

Kim K.

I love her IG feed and her home is definitely museum worthy. Such amazing collections and her unique dresses are out-of-this-world!! Thank you for the virtual tour!!


That was amazing! It took away my breath! Thank you so much for sharing!


what a fun tour! Love her home! I collect toys but I think she has me beat! LOL!

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