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May 20, 2016



OMG!! I do not know what else to say! Simply freaken fINtastic! seriously.. Omgoodness! your collections make me drool.
keep posting!


Love this little tour of your new beach house! So happy for you that your dream came true! 💖 Your collections are just jaw dropping! My faves are those swim caps and that cabinet full of fish! Glad we can all come along and watch the transformation😊💕


Everything is so fabulous! I have your pink stork flower frog all boxed up. Once we get moved this weekend, i'll get it in the mail :)


Everything is turning out fantastic! Do you ever visit Rag and Bone, just south of the outlet stores in Seaside? They get some pretty unique things in, my husband and I love it. Actually, our kids do, too. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful beach house!


Wow! You have been busy. Love the bark cloth chairs, plastic fish in bowls, etc. (The tin of lamb's livers is a little gross)
Did your collection of swim caps fill out your display space perfectly or did one or two not make the cut? They do look fantastic. Great job.
I'll bet the neighbors are peeking in your windows to see what is going on in there.
Enjoy your someday beach house, you deserve it.


I LOVE it! Have you thought of using AirBNb for times you won't be in residence? We had to deal with staples every three inches on the foam pad when we took out the wall to wall carpet here in the city. It was a miserable task. Getting glued down carpet and padding sounds even nastier. Time to get college boy and his friends to come help you!

Musings from Kim K.

Taking a break from yardwork to stalk your IG feed. A bonus to see a blog update too! It's all coming together perfectly. I couldn't be happier for you. Magazine worthy!!!


Amazing how far you have come in just three short weeks! I really like the colors you are using. That little pink table is adorable.
Sorry to hear about the glue on the floors but at least there are hardwoods under.

Melissa's Antiques

Oh Laurie! This post really makes me want to have a #somedaybeachhouse now, even though I live nowhere near a beach... ;)


Wow, what an absolute blast you must be having!!! I am so going to enjoy following along on this adventure!!

Sheryl Remy

You have done a wonderful job. I bet it feels wonderful to bring out everything you have put away for a future someday. I love it all.


So fun to see all your progress here and on IG! And as for the fun color your are going to paint the outside? The suspense is KILLING me!!


It's all just adorable! You are doing a fabulous job. I'm trying to look and take in every single detail I can find in the pictures! How fun! Are all your swim caps out or do you have some that aren't displayed? The stands are perfect, I thought you might have painted them! Enjoy your sweet beach house and congrats!

Erica H

Wow! You already have enough collections to FILL the house! It's looking fun!


Hi hello,
I'd love to interview you about your swimming cap collection for www.thevintagepost.com
If you could get in touch with me at [email protected] and we can chat! Exciting!

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