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July 24, 2016


Musings from Kim K.

I'm glad you got your weekend digger fix. That cabin in the woods box top is awesome. Can't wait to see your corner shelves with more sand pails. My personal shopper estate sale husband has been finding sales, but I need my own fix. Have a great week ahead!


It amazes me that just seeing pictures of other people's junk treasures can be so exciting! I guess my life is a bit bland these days. You found some great things. I do love that Snowdrift can. I have seen it many times. I find the design and colors so beautiful on something that was probably in thousands of cupboards.
Try to stay cool this week -- it's going to be hot!

Paula Neumann

Please think about turning the liquid pesticides and weed killers over to the hazardous waste people. I used those and been exposed to others over the years and have neurological damage as a result (nasty and disabling). If you cannot part with the rusting and aged pieces put them in a glass jar, attach to the bottom with sealant and then place the bottles etc. in the jar and seal the lid in place. Label them with what they contain and the poison symbol or hazardous notice. I would be just sick if you or your family were hurt by these chemicals that can and do enter the air we breath. Thank you for listening.


How perfect that you found the Cannon Beach postcards! And I just bet that wood fish is going to get some sort of Magpie Makeover, am I right?

Have a great week!


This looks like a great fix. I would love to go to a sale like this just once. Probably best that I never find them. You found so many interesting and useful things to go with your collections as well as a few delightful surprises. I am amazed at how you are able to strike such a rich and creative balance in your life! It is greatly admired! Have fun at the beach!


Glad you got your junk fix in! I need a good digger sale to go to. Amazing that this woman just closed up the house and walked away! Lucky you to get to go through the Time Capsule!!


Wow, I missed this post and just now read it. How amazing to get in to a house that had been closed up for so long. A sale to remember!!

Laurie M

I'm in awe of the sales you go to! I love a good digger, but rarely see them here. So many goodies!

Hazel Arora

This looks like a great post and all pics amazing clicks.

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