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July 01, 2016



wow it looks pretty darn decorated to me! haha! I put a flag pillow on the couch and thats the extent of my decor with our move! I'm hoping to get better organized with my holiday decor now that I have more closet room for everything. Do you take your regular decor down when you decorate for holidays or do you just add the holiday decor with the regular stuff? Like yourself i have a ton of holiday stuff but idk what to do with my regular decor.

Musings from Kim K.

Considering everything you have going on, I'd say your holiday decorations are still pretty darn impressive. I'll be visiting this post again on my laptop so that I can take it all in! Happy 4th!!


For not having decorated, it looks great to me!


You are a dynamo of energy! I hope you are taking a little time for yourself to relax over the holiday weekend. Oh silly me, what am I thinking - haha!

twinkle beverages

Lovely as ever! Back to bed, I have pneumonia. Enjoy your holiday.


Great displays as usual! Never get tired of your posts and love how it's always changing!

Erica H

I love seeing your holiday displays. I have a teeny tiny one for the 4th this year.


I missed this charming post! Your not so decorated home puts mine to shame! Ha ha ha! It looks wonderful and I just love the variety of groupings you have. They are amazing!


I enjoyed seeing snippets of your 4th of July decorating this year. Hopefully I'll get around to doing it next year! Your posts and blogs keep me going :-)

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