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August 12, 2016


Su Gardner

Love your style vision, it just POPS. Please do a book on decorating, you are so inspiring to help people jump out of the 'box' in their thinking.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

OH my! You have the most wonderful collections...and the are displayed so perfectly there! Love all of the colorful swim caps...and the mannequin! Love the idea of using the clips to hold the paintings...I will be using that idea!


The colors of your collections really pop in these photos! Have you considered occasionally AirBnB-ing the beach house? I'm sure it would be a true destination and you'd have guests lining up!

I stayed at an AirBnB once that was only mid-century decor, the hostess said it was her favorite way to show off her collection!

Musings from Kim K.

Driving back across the state and so glad to spend time looking at all your progress. It's truly amazing all that you have accomplished in your fabulous beach house. Thank you for sharing all your happy decorating adventures with us.

Sue G

I so enjoy seeing the progress on your someday beach house, I think my favorite part is that you had this dream and really worked at it to achieve it. Love the clementine orange door and the orange chair/ottoman, just the perfect pop of color. Everything looks great wish I lived close by so I could visit. I agree with one of the other comments that you should put a book together about your collections and displays.


Everything looks terrific. Did t Jantzen have some big sign near Portland in th 60s or 79s that looked a lot like your mannequin? I seem to remember seeing it while on family car trips.

Ree Cee

You have exposed me to the NEATEST stuff! The buckets in the corner are displayed PERFECTLY! I love the colors and I love that you can hide treasures in them if you want. And swim caps on the wig stands - ingenious! Move over shabbily chic, Magpie Style is here!


It just gets better and better every time you post. Well done, my friend! I adore that you are making your happy place.


What a happy, wonderful place! You've arranged all your unbelievably fantastic finds so well. I can't even pick a favorite thing, it's all amazing. "Magpie Style", I love that!


The little buckets and shovels look amazing. A perfect way to display them. I wish I had your energy, girl. Good job on the whole house.

Melissa's Antiques

I live nowhere near a beach, but now have visions of a someday beach house! :)

Patricia McCarthy

This is \fantastic, as I knew it would be. The mannequin knocks me out and I love, love the sand buckets! Especially how you have them displayed. I am always looking out for vintage beachy stuff as I spend a lot of time on the beach (East Coast) but never see some of these things. If I come across anything to die for, it will be shipped your way! Love it all and so glad you found your dream someday beach house! What did you name it? I hope "Someday" !!

Pam  Joiner

What a FUN place!I smiled through the whole tour! Just found your site from a Pinterest post from 2012 I think. So glad I did!

Judy Ainsworth

I could drive down the street and know that is your Beach House,without even going inside.It is all so your style!
What are your plans for the use of your Someday Beach House?
Will you stay here all Summer, or etc. Congratulations - Judy A-

Janice@Curtains In My Tree

It's all so wonderful and fun

Lisa White

Your dream has become a reality ! I am so happy for you ! It is looking so great with all of your happy fun-in-the-sun related items and it's so much fun to watch you pull it all together! Love it. Your time to shine Laurie - happy days !


This room is an example of vintage magic. All of your amazing beach collectibles have come together in such a charming way. You have obviously collected through the years bit it is quite remarkable to see how many unique things have come swimming into your life recently...like your swim mannequin and life guard sign. Every little and not so little detail is beach house perfection. You have definitely worked your magic here. It is a privilege to see your progress! Thank you for sharing.


How did I miss this post? Happy to see the swim cap sign made it to the Beach House. I don't think I have ever seen a beach cap in my thrifting travels. I guess living in the middle of the US has it's disadvantages!

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