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October 02, 2016



Such a happy and lucky find for you! Of course it's like new - who the heck cooks on vacation?????


SO PERFECT! Completely meant to be!


Some things are just meant to be! I love aqua and am just a little envious!

Musings from Kim K.

Serendipitous! It was truly meant to be at that exact moment!


yup! somethings are meant to be! It certainly could not be more perfect for your beach house!

Carol Casey

What a lucky find. I'd say it was meant to be. And it fits perfectly too.



You have the best beach house karma. This is perfect. I am so happy for you! I know you will enjoy it for years to come and you will always have a great story to share!


Totally meant to be! I'm still amazed at how things just seem to fall into place for you sometimes. The aqua is just what your white kitchen needed! A big pop of color!


What a fantastic find! It looks wonderful in you kitchen -- I hope you enjoy it every time you use it. Just looking at it makes me happy!


I am stunned! It was only two days ago I was looking at a similar stove on Pinterest, thinking, that kind of thing never shows up around here! Apparently I just don't spend enough time in Seaside, haha! I am so happy for you, and just amazed at the timing! Just wow!! I love your story so much!!That stove is perfect in your little house, I just love it.


Oh wow what a wonderful find...meant to be.

Melissa's Antiques

Dream stove! Love the color! It was fate that you were walking by when they were moving it out.

Ree Cee

OK. Now you are just really showing off.

Will you throw some karma my way for nesting Cinderella Pyrex bowls in either pink or turquoise when I walk my dog?

Lisa W.

Unbelievable !! It is perfect for you ! I love it ! Good for you Laurie ....

Lisa W.

It might take a while but I am sure you can find some replacement parts ( inc. knobs ) online !

Janice@Curtains In My Tree

Oh I love it, good for you getting it

I always wanted turquoise colored appliances when I was first married in the early 1960's. Some friends bought a new trailer home and it had all turquoise appliance and sinks and toilets !!!!

Judy Ainsworth

Do you know what he odds are that you would run in to that? let alone have it given to you and have it moved,right where you need it.
You are being watched over of for sure! You are a very special blessed person.- Judy A-


Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Electric burners are pretty standard so hopefully you will be able to replace - but then, who really wants to cook when you are at the beach...

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