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December 16, 2016



Wow, I could spend hours looking at all your great stuff. Hope you do exceptionally well!

Ree Cee

I love your picture heavy posts! OMG - I want to see more and more but I am actually very satisfied at the same time. I could look at your creations all day. Thanks for taking the time to save the old stuff, make it prettier and share it with us all. You deserve a break but I have a feeling you still have a lot going on. Where does everything sleep until next season? Your workshop?

Erica H

I always love seeing your show setup! Maybe someday I will have the time and patience to do this. I'd rather just come shop at your show!


No Fair!! How did I miss out on all of the shows you did! I wanted so badly to go to the "Crafty Wonderland" and the other bazaar at the Convention Center this year, but I didn't have anyone to go with. I didn't get to go to the one at the Laurelhurst school either. Here I live in Portland Oregon, and I always miss out on great bazaars, not to mention estate sales, all because I don't have any crafty friends that enjoy going to things like that.
I can't believe how amazing your booth is. I would've spent hours going through it all.
Well, I guess I get to tell myself the same thing I find myself saying every Christmas: "Next year will be better"
Hope you did well!
Laura at vintagebounty


Amazing! Can't imagine how it is being there in person to see all this. I'm speechless actually.You see so much more here than on your IG feed!

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