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February 28, 2017



What a fun collection and stories about you and your mom also! So awesome that you still have everything. A true collector! I really enjoyed reading this collection challenge. Thanks for sharing!


She's baaaaaaaaaaack! Great collection, as always. I was a Girl Scout for two years, but we never sold cookies. I went to a very poor school (I was bused in from the lake and considered the "rich kid") so parental involvement was not good. I guess that's whey we didn't sell cookies. My mom was our leader one year and she tried very hard to find something we could do to earn a merit badge. She settled on Table Setting and brought in our good china and the gold silverware and our fancy glasses (we weren't rich, we had family hand me downs) and we all set a proper table on the big long lunch tables. Not really a skill the poorest of the poor needed to have - but what the heck. Not sure why, but we never got our badges either. I still have my uniform, socks, sash and beret and my books. In 4th grade the photographer showed up a day early to take our class photos. It happened to be the day we had our uniforms on so we are all wearing them in our class photo. I hated it then, but am glad now because I wouldn't have had a photo of me in it otherwise. Sorry, I wrote a book!

Erica H

I still have all my badges (many never made it onto my sash), but I think I threw away my handbook. With all the junk my parents did keep, and I don't know why this one ended up in the trash.


I should have known you were a girl scout-me too! I went to camp Turkey Creek. Some of my great childhood memories come from Turkey Creek. Brownie through Cadette here!
Don't even get me started on camp songs.......

Jenny Torres

Thanks for posting another collection! I've enjoyed these so much. Especially the personal connections you have with your collections. I always wanted to be a Girl Scout when I was a kid so this was really fun to see! I would love to see you in the uniform!😊


Really enjoyed your post, thank you.

Lisa W.

A collection challenge !!!! It's so great to see one again ! I love your girl scout collection and I love that you actually were one too .... and you lived in Alaska ! How great is that ? I'll bet you were an excellent girl scout ... judging by the number of badges (and the fine way you turned out .) Thanks for sharing Laurie !


Loved seeing and hearing about your Girl Scout experiences. I loved being a Scout and even became a leader to continue the fun. I have a few things of mine like a flashlight and mess kit and try to pick up things when I see them. Thanks for sharing!

Marsha Filimon

Love your Girl Scout Collection! Thank you for sharing! It brought back a lot of memories for me. I was also a Bluebird when I was in kindergarten. I still have my Bluebird pin! I love that your mom was your leader most of the time. Id love to see you in her uniform or yours one day!


This is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I had been better about saving things. You have so many pieces from your own scouting experience. They are extra special and provide great memories of fun times with your mom. I think I might have my knife but I have no idea where my badges or pins, etc. ended up. I sure would love to have them now. Great collector's challenge. Loved seeing it and hearing your stories.

Judy Ainsworth

I really Really miss your weekly collection posts, so I kind of drifted away, Since I have very limited time to check blogs.Anyway Im just wondering about your beach house,if you are having the weather we are I can't help but wonder? Thanks for sharing Girl Scouts. -Judy A-

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